Oftentimes MORE than School Ready

Montessori Sets Your Child Up For Life And School Success

Little girl playing with wooden puzzle at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI

Oftentimes MORE
than School Ready

Montessori Sets Your Child Up
For Life And School Success

pre primary and kindergarten | 3 - 6 years | Serving Brighton, MI

Self-confidence, positive social skills, and a love of learning

Maria Montessori created her famous method of teaching through close and careful observations of children in all stages in development. In the same spirit, our teachers carefully follow and observe your child to understand their academic needs and gently guide them to success.

Learning concentration, determination, and
gaining confidence

Teachers thoughtfully prepare our classroom with activities placed on low shelves so children can engage with the work that they wish to do when they would like to do it. Your child may choose to repeat this activity, persevere through its challenges, and decide when it’s been mastered.
Learning Concentration, Determination, And Gaining Confidence
boy learning about sea animals at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI

Materials that inspire resilience, a sense of accomplishment, and boost self-esteem

Montessori materials engage all the senses – visual, auditory, and tactile – to appeal to the learning styles of all children. The learning materials are self-correcting, progressive in nature, and require little intervention from the teacher. Watch the look on your child’s face when they figure things out by themselves!

Descriptive praise reinforces positive habits and behaviors

Children learn to peacefully resolve conflicts among themselves with minimal adult intervention through discussion. Teachers expertly use descriptive praise, which validates your child’s efforts, rather than the outcome, so that they develop perseverance and problem-solving skills.
teacher with kindergarten students at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI
kids in classroom learning from firemen at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI

The Mixed-Age Classroom is a unique, cooperative setting

Older children learn responsibility and leadership skills, and the younger children look up to their older peers and strive to be like them as they grow. This circular relationship teaches children about respect and positive social interactions.

Ready For Grade School With Reading, Writing, And Math

Number rods and counting beads provide visual and tactile information that leads to more abstract math concepts. In reading and writing, children use tracing exercises to practice writing, phonics as a precursor to reading, and dication of stories to spark creativity.
kids reading a book at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI

No need to worry about your child’s health with Zono

Our Zono Sanitizing cabinet cleans all materials used in the classroom. It has stopped the spread of viruses and germs at our school. We thoroughly sanitize crayons, books, hard and soft toys to protect your child from highly infectious diseases like lice or pink eye.

Enrichments Included: Learning Spanish And Music

Each week, children learn basic music concepts like rhythm, tempo, and note reading. We partner with Bilingual Fun, a program developed by educators and parents so that we expose your child to Spanish daily. These fun, interactive enrichments are our gift to you.

Enrichments Included: Learning Spanish And Music
Practicing Life Skills For More Self-Confidence And Independence

Practicing Life Skills for more self-confidence and independence

Children learn to take care of themselves and each other when they prepare meals, set the table, and serve each other before they eat together. After meals, children wash, wipe, and put away the dishes as well. Learning life skills is invaluable, as they reinforce good habits and positive social skills.

Gaining Stability and purpose through daily routines

Each new day brings fun and excitement into our classroom, but we are also careful to stick to our daily routine. Children know when it’s time to work, play, rest or eat, and having these expectations met consistently gives your child a sense of security and stability.
boys helping out in classroom at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI
parent communication at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Brighton, MI

Be a part of your child’s day with the KangarooTime App

Parents and teachers communicate and collaborate so that your child has consistent and complete care between home life and school. Parents get daily reports, cute photos, and fun videos of their children enjoying their day.

Spending Time outside every day for an appreciation of Nature

Our natural playground allows your child to develop and hone gross motor skills like running, jumping, and climbing. Our pre-primary and kindergarten children tend to our school garden. Gardening is a fantastic exploratory experience of biology and math, with digging, planting, harvesting, and more.
Spending Time Outside Every Day For An Appreciation Of Nature

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parent reviews

Brighton Montessori is a great school. My daughter absolutely loves it! She is 4 and is now reading, doing math, learning Spanish, yoga, and more. They teach them to clean up after themselves and help out with tasks at home. She is definitely more of a helper and takes pride in doing things for herself.

Amanda McCarty

Our grandson, Noah attended preschool there. He loved learning there and was so excited to show me his projects. He made good friends there too. He tested higher than average when tested for kindergarten after attending Brighton Montessori.

Emily Gobright

The learning environment is traditional Montessori and they have been working on life skills in helping prepare their Thanksgiving feast and making the cookies for the cookie stroll. Our daughter enjoyed making a scarecrow for fall decorations and was very proud to show me when I dropped her off to school the following morning.

Doug Vandewarker

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