Brighton Montessori aims for all children to receive an education that will allow them to develop their academic, social, and emotional growth through an individualized and peer learning environment where they may progress at their own pace to achieve their individual goals.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the authentic Montessori experience our students enjoy. I look forward to meeting your family and welcoming you into our school family at Brighton Montessori!

Leann Chamberlain


Every family is unique. That’s why we have many options for enrollment and want to make sure you have all the pertinent information so you can make an informed decision. Choosing the right early learning center for your child is an important and difficult decision. Please know that we are happy to assist you in any way throughout that decision making process. Please fill out the form below and our tuition rates and program information will be emailed to you right away. Thank you for your interest in Brighton Montessori and we look forward to meeting your family soon!


Your child is unique and our team of teachers and administration understands and cares about that. We are excited to inspire joy, love, and the leaders of tomorrow! Is your child ready for new social experiences and building a strong foundation that they can build off of throughout their academic years? Do you need a safe, nurturing environment for you infant, toddler, or preschooler while you are at work? If so, Brighton Montessori is the fit for you! Please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon with our tuition rates, enrollment information, and more.

Financial Aid

Brighton Montessori is committed to providing an authentic Montessori education for all children in our community. We never want the cost of tuition to stand in the way of a child being able to attend Brighton Montessori. To be considered for financial aid, please download the Financial Aid Application and turn in with your Enrollment Application. Upon review, you will be notified regarding your award. Financial aid is offered without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin. Applying for financial aid does not influence the decision to admit a child to our school.

The Denise Durcanin Scholarship Program

The Denise Durcanin Scholarship Program was started in memory of Leann Chamberlain’s mother, Denise Durcanin. Denise was an advocate of Montessori education all her life. She enrolled her children in Montessori programs when they were young and enjoyed watching her grandchildren grow academically and socially as they too attended Montessori programs. She was so incredibly excited that Leann was able to carry on these authentic Montessori traditions at Brighton Montessori. Denise was a person that genuinely took an interest in every person that she met. Her personality mirrored the mission of Brighton Montessori, which is to provide “individualized learning for every unique child”. It is with great honor that we provide this scholarship opportunity in Denise’s memory so that all families may be able to experience an authentic Montessori education.