Parent Reviews


Not just a preschool or daycare. It's obvious that the staff are happy and Ms LeAnn really values her employees. She takes excellent care of her teachers and children at Brighton Montessori. My daughter absolutely loves going to school. She comes home and I hear her sounding out letters while playing, writing them while coloring, speaking Spanish out of the blue, adding up random items at home. My daughter has also gotten better at interrupting while adults talk and using her manners. All of these are taught and reinforced at Brighton Montessori. Im so impressed with my daughter's school and teachers!!! Couldn't be happier!!

Stephanie Cesarz

Brighton Montessori School is an extraordinary school! This is the second year that our family has had the privilege of sending our daughter to BMS & I must say this is one of the best decisions we have made in my daughters life so far! Leann, the owner, truly cares about each and every child that attends her phenomenal school. The learning environment that she has created is nurturing, kind ,stimulating, and enriching in every way! My daughter first started out in the toddler room with Ms. Ann who I just completely adore and she now is in Ms. Maria‘s pre-primary class who is as spectacular of an educator! They both have treated our daughter as if she was their own. We wanted more than just a child care facility for our daughter & that is exactly what we have at BMS— because of the stimulating curriculum, practical living skills, and loving/kind learning environment that exists here, our daughter continues to blossom and grow at rates that have exceeded our expectations! I highly highly recommend Brighton Montessori to anyone who needs to send their child to school– it will be the best choice you have ever made! 😀

Hayley Rosner

We love Brighton Montessori! The staff and curriculum are amazing. Our kids are well cared for and very happy!

Rachael Fox

We moved here to Brighton from Washington D.C. and needed a place that would support our 1 year old during all of these transitions. After meeting with the staff at our walk through and seeing our son warm up to his wonderful teachers we knew this would be the place for us. We are now 3 months in and I can't imagine him anywhere else. He is learning routine, his sleeping habits have gotten so much better, and the staff are supportive and personal. A wonderful place hands down!

Corwin Furrow

The teachers here are great and we love the environment and everything that our kid is learning!

Marisa Stacy

We absolutely love Brighton Montessori! My son has loved going to school since his first day. The staff is wonderful, and they do an awesome job of making learning fun for the kids. Each child can move at their own pace, and has a say in what and when they learn. I have noticed growth in my son in only a few short months, and he has become very independent.

Dan Sanborn

We weren't certain a Montessori school was right for our child. However, since enrolling our daughter her language has exploded, her social skills have improved dramatically, she has went from a vocabulary of 15 words to speaking three to four word "sentences!" We also in the past month have potty trained our 23 month old with the Montessori assistance and guidance. She even helps clean up her toys or when she makes a mess at home. The teachers' have all been exceptional and I'm so happy with our results in such a short time at school. I have no basis for comparison but am 100% sure we made the correct decision in choosing the Brighton Montessori. We look forward to the infant room opening and having our second child learn with their direction. Huge thank you to Miss Leann, Miss Heather and Miss Ann!

Kelley Thompson

We have been with Brighton Montessori for 2 years now and can we consider our family blessed to be a part of this amazing school! Ms. Maria and Ms. Stephanie are so loving to the kids and the amount they have taught our son in 2 years is unbelievable! This school cares about their families, teachers and kids! From the awesome family Halloween party, charity events, parent teacher conferences, end of the year picnic, summer camps, to the random emails offer a date night on a Saturday they go above and beyond!! Best decision we have ever made! We do not even need child care but choose to send our son because of the amazing advancements we have seen in just 2 short year! If you have any doubts just go in for a tour, we could not believe our eyes on our tour after watching a 3 year old doing MATH independently we where sold and you will be too!

Jayne Ptolemy

Our son has grown from the toddler into the pre-primary classroom, and his growth and learning has been so phenomenal. We've had great experiences with all the teachers. Beyond the thoughtful regular curriculum, they have also partnered with us on potty training, separation anxiety, and more. I'm consistently impressed with the impact the school's focus on child-led learning has had on my son's development and confidence. We're big fans!

Jessica McKenna

I have three children and they have been a part of the infant, toddler, and pre-primary programs. I absolutely LOVE Brighton Montessori and my children do too!! They have all excelled so much and it is very clear that their teachers care so much for them. I always feel very comfortable having them there. We will continue to recommend Brighton Montessori to everyone! ❤️

Amanda McCarty

Brighton Montessori is a great school. My daughter absolutely loves it! She is 4 and is now reading, doing math, learning Spanish, yoga, and more. They teach them to clean up after themselves and help out with tasks at home. She is definitely more of a helper and takes pride in doing things for herself.

Jeff Sturgeon

Our daughter loves going to Brighton Montessori and her teachers and friends there. We love that we know she is safe, having fun and learning a lot.

Rebecca Deck

My daughter has gone to Brighton Montessori for almost two years. I could not be happier. My daughter learns so much and I love the small community.

William Rockwell

Our daughter went here and it really gave her an edge for elementary school. Our son is now enrolled and loving it too!

Doug Vandewarker

When we saw that Brighton Montessori was back open, we were excited to go and meet the new owner. Our oldest daughter attended for Pre-school and Kindergarten and was there while the ownership was under Marilyn Dawson. After meeting with Leann and getting that same comfortable feeling, we enrolled our youngest daughter for pre-school this year.

The learning environment is traditional Montessori and they have been working on life skills in helping prepare their Thanksgiving feast and making the cookies for the cookie stroll. Our daughter enjoyed making a scarecrow for fall decorations and was very proud to show me when I dropped her off to school the following morning.

Our daughter has been learning a tremendous amount of new things and is excited to go back every day to learn something new.

The family night for pumpkin carving and the Christmas cookie stroll were fun events to meet and interact with the families of other students.

Jamie H

Our experience with Brighton Montessori has been wonderful, to say the least. I can't say enough good things about the staff and the environment.

This is our 3rd year at Brighton Montessori, we can't imagine sending our child anywhere else! My son started shortly after he turned 2 and I was returning to work full time. We wanted more than a daycare. We wanted our son to learn and grow on his own terms with the guidance of caring compassionate teachers. We wanted him to see that learning is fun and something for him to be excited about! Which we found in spades at Brighton Montessori.

My son adores all of the teachers he has had. He is excited to go to school to share about his weekend or upcoming things he is looking forward to. This is entirely due to their respectful interactions with my kiddo! The teachers are fantastic. Our son started in the toddler room with Ms. Ann and then progressed to the pre-primary room with Ms. Maria. The staff is some of the most gentle, kind and compassionate people we've met. Both rooms have been wonderful environments for our son to explore and learn. We have noticed such growth over the last few years. He is truly coming into his own.

Brighton Montessori is a wonderful, caring, family-oriented environment with lots of activities for the children and families throughout the year! Please go visit and see for yourself!

Meaghan O'Brien

We cannot say enough good things about Brighton Montessori! We moved our infant daughter here from another local daycare and we could not be more happy or confident that this was one of the best decisions we could have made! Her teachers are so kind, and it is clear that they are passionate about what they do. We feel like they truly are invested in her development and are just as excited about her growth as we are! They have exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We are so incredibly grateful to send our daughter here. Highly recommended!

Johnny Eric

Yesterday my son told me when getting ready for school... "Daddy I don't want to go back to my old school." I asked him what do you mean...he said I like my new school. Needless to say my 3yo approves of the Brighton Montessori, his new school.

Colin Simpson

Staff is enthusiastic and highly professional and kind. The kids have so much fun and learn to use their manners, treat each other kindly, clean up after themselves, and be helpful. My 2 year old asks to go to school when we have a day off! He loves Brighton Montessori, and it's perfect for our family.

Elizabeth Gidcomb

The staff here are great, and very nice and super friendly. I see so much progress in my son from the toddler program. There are things my son is doing now that just blow me away, thank you so much Brighton Montessori!

Julia McBride

My toddler attends Brighton Montessori, and I am thrilled with her experience so far. Ms. Ann and Ms. Heather show genuine care for every child in the toddler room. On a weekly basis, our daughter brings home evidence of having done some kind of school-wide, authentic project, which is something I deeply value as a parent. Leann, the new owner and director of this school, demonstrates intention and organizes the school in alignment with Montessori principles and practices. My husband and I couldn't be happier that this opportunity exists for our child in our hometown.

Heather Heffley

We started with Brighton Montessori in 2010 and had a wonderful experience with our son and continued with our daughter. They do a great job. Both my kids absolutely loved going to school each day and would be upset if I showed up too early to pick them up! The staff is wonderful there!! I would highly recommend Brighton Montessori to anyone looking for a top notch preschool and kindergarten.