First Day Butterflies

It felt like it was light years away before we would ever imagined thinking about sending our children off to school. Here you are 3 years later walking your most precious gift to their first day of school and handing them over to their teacher as your heart is melting and tears are welling in your eyes. The feeling of giving someone else your child to care for, teach, and make memories with brings a lump in your throat and you don’t know if you were ever going to be ready for this moment. I clearly remember sending my first born off to preschool and my second child to Toddler as if it was yesterday. I literally walked them to their classrooms, which were next door to my classroom and balled my eyes out during my morning prep time. When I went to greet my students on their first day I looked a mess!

I quickly gathered my composure as I opened my classroom door to 20 excited students and families and in that moment I could relate to EVERY parent that ever handed their child over to me to trust, teach and care for their baby. Life is always full of moments that will make you so emotional you can’t contain it and its also full of joy in knowing that you are doing an AMAZING job and your butterflies in your stomach is actually a feeling of YOU GOT THIS!

Celebrate with your child all that you can share together! Here’s to a year of growth, surprises, and learning.

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