Fall is Here!

Fall is my one of my favorite seasons. It brings vibrant colors on the trees, outdoor activities, the smell of bonfire, and a routine. For my busy family, I find fall a time when we all get back into a scheduled routine which is important for all of us. The relaxed schedule summer provides get redundant and everyone looks forward to getting back to scheduled activities, school, and being able to see their friends every day.

As a parent, I think the reason I look forward to fall is getting opportunities to be outside with my family enjoying bonfires, cleaning up our yard, putting all our outdoor deck furniture away, reminiscing about all the great memories we made over the summer, and heading to a pumpkin patch to pick our perfect pumpkin. I look forward to helping my kids execute their Halloween costumes, inviting my family over to a casual chili dinner and watching football on the couch, and leisurely gathering ideas for the upcoming holidays.

It is hard to step back and give yourself down time to sit and connect with your significant other, enjoy an evening at home playing a game with the entire family without having to be anywhere or spending an entire afternoon at an apple orchard watching your kids be free in the outdoors. Take an opportunity this fall to cancel plans and soak up the crisp, cool air, the last of the bright rays from the sun and enjoy spending time with your little ones and with each other. Over this past year, I have learned to say no and to simplify my life. As a teacher, I learned to simplify skills until the child successfully mastered it before adding more difficulty. To watch each child persevere, and master a skill and concept brings joy to me. Simplifying our lives allows us to find joy with what life is presenting to us in that moment, and every day the child only sees what’s in front of them and truly is happy and content with their blessings.

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