Dealing With Covid-19, Working at Home With Children | Brighton Montessori TV Episode 002

Covid-19 has changed everything. In this episode we discuss how our life at home has changed, including home schooling our children. We also discuss tips for balancing keeping your kids engaged while trying to work from home. We also want to thank all those who are essential workers! You are the ones that are getting us through these times and we are grateful for you!
1:59 – Keeping Your Routine
6:33 – Staying Positive
7:28 – Struggling With Distance Learning
9:53 – “Give Yourself Some Grace”
12:08 – Montessori Has Helped With Distance Learning
13:51 – Working From Home With Young Children
16:23 – Timeblocking At Home
18:05 – Keeping Toddlers Engaged
21:40 – Virtual Preschool at Brighton Montessori
23:07 – Stick To Those Bed Times
25:48 – Get Back To Your Good Habits
31:47 – Thank You To Our Essential Workers!

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