Benefits of Montessori, Toilet Learning, Mixed Age Classrooms | Brighton Montessori TV Episode 001

Decisions around sending your child to preschool can be difficult and stressful. In this video we discuss some of the reservations parents may have about sending their child to preschool and how we alleviate those concerns at Brighton Montessori. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel below so you don’t miss an episode!

1:11 – Montessori Misconceptions
4:41 – Benefits of Being Montessori Parents
6:55 – History of Brighton Montessori
9:32 – Should I Send My Child To Preschool?
12:11 – Preparing For Toilet Learning
18:08 – Socialization In Preschool
20:33 – Children Are Capable of So Much More Than We Think
25:42 – Montessori Teachers Are Coaches
27:53 – Montessori Environments Are For the Kids
31:02 – Mixed Age Classrooms
34:03 – Discipline In The Montessori Classroom
37:09 – Find The Right Preschool For Your Child


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