1st Day Jitters, Manners, and Sharing in Preschool | Brighton Montessori TV Episode 003

Manners, grace and courtesy, and manners are hard for any of us to learn. These are just a few of the lifelong skills that are being learned in our Montessori classrooms.
2:43 – Mixed Age Classrooms and First Day Jitters
6:05 – Anxious Parents Make Anxious Students
7:35 – How Teachers Help Anxious Students
11:41 – Preparing Your Child For 1st Day of School
13:40 – Helping Toddlers on Day 1
14:47 – Why Does My Child Cry At Pick Up?
16:31 – Manners, Practical Life, and Grace and Courtesy
20:31 – Social Interaction and Patience
21:43 – Grace and Courtesy At Home / Creating Good Behavior
23:25 – The Art of Helping
24:22 – Table Manners
26:51 – Sharing!
28:43 – Living In a Toddler World
31:52 – Personal Space in the Montessori Classroom
33:42 – Sharing Is Hard!
38:51 – Montessori Children Shine

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